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  • Hotline:
  • Indonesia: 0800-150-3020
  • Thailand: 1800-010-316
  • Oman: 800-745-65

  • SMS:
  • Indonesia : +62 813-8870-3300
  • Thailand: +66 65986 1887
  • Oman : +27 72 014 4445

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  • Deloitte's Whistleblower Service (Tip-offs Anonymous™)

    What to report

    If you see any suspicious act such as:

    1.    Fraud

    • Where a person deliberately misrepresents their product's condition to a client which causes actual monetary damages
    • Where a person works with an outside vendor to defraud their employer through bogus or inflated invoices
    • Where a person marks up any quotation from a vendor
    • Where a person establishes a shell or shadow vendors - dummy companies with puppet or fictional CEOs

    2.    Corruption

    • Where a person enriches themselves by the misuse of the public power entrusted to them
    • Where a person receive some advantage (e.g. money, gift, hospitality) inconsistent with official duty
    • Where a person uses public funds, property, services and information for unofficial activities
    • Where a person accepts (from anybody) any remuneration or benefit other than their remuneration in the performance of their duties

    3.    Bribery

    • Where a person receives a benefit (e.g. money) which influenced their judgment or conduct in a position of trust
    • Where a person offers money or gifts to a potential client in exchange for business
    • Where a person provides payment in order to persuade someone with a responsibility to betray that responsibility

    4.    Conflict of Interest

    • Where an employee or their partner have any interest in another company
    • Where an employee holds any position in another company that is not a joint venture or the subsidiary of
    • Where an employee is aware that any family members or friends are in a business relationship with MedcoEnergi, and does not disclose it
    • Where an employee receives any financial or non-financial gifts or entertainment (other than those included in the gift and entertainment policy) from other people
    • Where an employee leaks any information about the company, such as budgets, vendor quotation etc., to other unauthorised people

    5.    Misconduct

    • Where an employee do a wrongful, improper, or unlawful conduct motivated by intentional purpose to the consequences of one's acts
    • Where a person does an action which is unacceptable but is not a criminal offence e.g. being late, being drunk on duty, or fighting

    6.    Financial Statement Fraud

    • Where an employee involves in the intentional publishing of false information in any portion of a financial statement
    • Where an employee manipulate financial statement information which lead to fraudulent statements and can mislead investors and others
    • Where an employee seeking to enhance the economic appearance of the company by covering enormous debts or other lost assets
    • Where an employee intentionally records revenue and sales on financial statement that the company actually has not received
    • Where an employee intentionally overstates assets or revenue
    • Where an employee intentionally understates liabilities and expenses

    7.    Breaches of Policy

    • Where a person acts against the company rules and regulations
    • Where a person practices their duties beyond existing policies, statutes, procedures or instructions

    8.    Other Unethical Behavior

    • Harassment
    • Forgery
    • Discrimination
    • Violation of environment safety, etc.

    The type of information you need to provide when reporting a suspected incidence of misconduct would include:

    • Names of people involved;
    • Who were involved;
    • Who were the witness;
    • When and where did the misconduct happen;
    • What proof/evidence do you have;
    • Were there money or asset involved;
    • How often this incident occurred.

    Tip-offs Anonymous™ is an independent whistleblowing service that gives employees the opportunity to blow the whistle on misconduct anonymously.

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