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  • Deloitte's Whistleblower Service (Tip-offs Anonymous™)

    Your questions answered

    Q: Why should I blow the whistle on misconduct?

    A: To help make MedcoEnergi a fair, safe and honest place to work. Misconduct can have a negative effect on our workplace and reputation. By reporting misconduct, you can help to save costs through detection of frauds and ensure that people are secure and safe in our work environment.

    Q: Can I remain anonymous?

    A: It's all up to you whether you choose to remain anonymous or not.

    Tip-offs Anonymous™ will try to ensure that your identity remains anonymous if you choose to do so. Tip-offs Anonymous™ will keep any information given to us about your identity confidential within Tip-offs Anonymous™ and if you authorize us to disclose, we will only disclose it to the relevant personnel within MedcoEnergi so that they can do something about it. Tip-offs Anonymous™ may also disclose the information if required by law.

    Tip-offs Anonymous™ may also ask for your consent to disclose the information to MedcoEnergi so they can work out whether you are entitled to protection under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

    Q: What type of misconduct should I report?

    A: Any suspected fraud, corruption, breaches of policy, conflict of interest, financial statement fraud, bribery, misconduct and other unethical behavior within MedcoEnergi.

    Q: What do I need to tell Tip-offs Anonymous™?

    A: Tell Tip-offs Anonymous™ as much as you can when you blow the whistle on misconduct. For example,

    • Who were involved
    • Who were the witnesses
    • When and where did the misconduct happen
    • What proof/evidence do you have
    • Were there money or asset involved
    • How often did such incident happen

    Q: What if I suspect something is wrong, but I am not sure?

    A: Most cases reported are uncovered through tips from honest people who are not sure of their facts. That is perfectly all right. We do not expect you to know every last detail. Reporting what you do know is enough.

    Q: Will I be involved after I report an incident?

    A: Once you make a report of any misconduct, you are not required to be involved in the Tip-off anymore. However, if you have any new or additional information, or would like to make any amendments to your report, you can make a follow up email and quote the reference number provided to you at the time of the initial email/website.

    Q: How soon will MedcoEnergi be notified after an email is reported?

    A: Tip-offs Anonymous™ will provide a report to a dedicated representative at MedcoEnergi within one business day after your email. In the event of life-threatening case, we will inform MedcoEnergi immediately.

    Q: Do I get any rewards for reporting misconduct?

    A: No, there is no reward for reporting misconduct to Tip-offs Anonymous™. Reporting any misconduct is a huge contribution to MedcoEnergi and it will be very crucial for the implementation of Good Corporate Governance.

    Q: How many times can I contact Tip-offs Anonymous™?

    A: You can contact Tip-offs Anonymous™ as many times as you wish to report any suspected misconduct.

    Q: Are law enforcement agencies notified of reports made to Tip-offs Anonymous™?

    A: The information reported to Tip-offs Anonymous™ is forwarded to MedcoEnergi's representative who is responsible to address misconduct. If he or she decides that corrective action is necessary, they may notify the appropriate law enforcement agency when appropriate.

    Q: Will there be an investigation process after each report is made?

    A: Whether there is an investigation depends on a number of factors such as information provided, details, documentations and MedcoEnergi's policy. MedcoEnergi will decide on the action required when they receive our report.

    Q: How will Tip-offs Anonymous™ use or disclose any personal information?

    A: Tip-offs Anonymous™ will only use and disclose personal information in providing this service to you and MedcoEnergi. Tip-offs Anonymous™ discloses information it collects to MedcoEnergi so they can act on your report as required by law or a regulatory authority.


    Tip-offs Anonymous™ is an independent whistleblowing service that gives employees the opportunity to blow the whistle on misconduct anonymously.

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